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Granite Peak Group acquires boutique USDA-inspected meat processing facility

CASPER, Wyo. - Granite Peak Group acquired Anderson Boneless Beef, a boutique USDA-inspected processing facility located in Denver, Colorado.

Anderson Boneless Beef has been a staple in the Denver area for nearly 40 years, providing the Rocky Mountain Region with the best custom portioned cuts, ground beef programs, patties, private USDA labels, and distribution services possible. An estimated $1 million has been invested in equipment to automate the process and make a high-quality, retail-ready, safe product. Previously everything was done by hand.

"We're experts at identifying and investing in companies, like Anderson Boneless Beef, with big potential," said Josh Jamison, Granite Peak Group managing partner. "We believe that Anderson can put more profit back in the hands of producers and private beef brands by allowing them to keep their product throughout the entire process and sell it themselves."

Granite Peak Group acquired Anderson from FoodMaven in 2021, retaining employees and bringing in a management team. Granite has changed Anderson's business model from food distribution to meat processing.

When Granite first took over, Anderson processed roughly 5,000 - 10,000 pounds per week. Today, Anderson processes 40,000 pounds per week with a capacity for 150,000 per week.

Anderson provides high-quality custom labels, custom portioned cutting, grind, dice, and patty processing programs for a variety of applications. Anderson offers distribution to the end location while providing full transparency and traceability throughout the process—from the time the product enters the door until the time it is unloaded from the trucks. Learn more at

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The Granite Peak Group has over $500 million in holdings and capable leaders dedicated to the success of individual companies within our portfolio. Today, our portfolio includes world-class heavy industrial companies with common management whose expertise spans oil and gas, manufacturing, rail supply chains, logistics, and plastics. Learn more at


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