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We specialize in the industrial space, with vast experience in heavy manufacturing, rail, oil and gas, and industrial land management. With a deep understanding of the interconnectedness and needs of each, Granite Peak Group is uniquely attuned to identifying opportunities for growth. 

By staying focused, we’ve developed strong relationships that are platforms for growth, expansion, and development of new products. With this established foundation and our expertise, we’re able to hit the ground running by enhancing the value of each new acquisition.

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Cheyenne Logistics Hub

Located in Cheyenne, WY, Cheyenne Logistics Hub is the premiere industrial park and transportation hub in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Granite Peak Fabrication

Granite Peak Fabrication uses the latest technology and superior workmanship to manufacture high-performance equipment. 

Blue Ocean Composites

Creating superior composite products, Blue Ocean Composites is powered by both the customer’s interests and business-minded environmentalism.

Granite Peak Plastics

Granite Peak Plastics transforms challenging streams of waste plastic into quality and cost-effective PCR regrind that powers the manufacturing of superior products.

Granite Peak Transloading

Granite Peak Transloading provides material handling, transloading, storage, warehousing, and inventory management services across Wyoming.

Granite Peak Midstream

Granite Peak Midstream is a state-of-the-art liquid transloading facility, providing the ultimate flexibility for liquid products within the Denver Basin. 

Granite Peak Development

As the largest developer in Wyoming, Granite Peak Development develops, owns, and operates land and properties across the region.


At every turn, we’re committed to finding and developing opportunities by focusing on growth markets, identifying high-potential startups, and developing new companies that meet existing needs with compelling solutions.


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