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Granite Peak Transloading sees record growth in 2022

CASPER, Wyo. - Granite Peak Transloading (GPTL) continues to see significant growth as the top transloading company in the Powder River Basin and the Cheyenne area.

Transloading combines the advantages of ideally located rail terminals to optimize trucking operations to help oil and gas businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region save money and operate more efficiently by transporting cargo in the most effective way possible.

So far this year, GPTL has already loaded 33 products onto over 25,000 trucks in Wyoming and is expected to reach 100,000 trucks before the year's end.

Working closely with the BNSF and Union Pacific, GPTL has received over 6,100 railcars at its facilities in the Powder River Basin and Cheyenne since January and is projected to exceed 20,000 railcars before the end of the year.

"2022 is currently on track to be a record year for Granite Peak Transloading," said Josh Jamison, Granite Peak Group managing partner. Steady and robust completion activity driven by recovered demand and pricing in the oil and gas industry combined with Granite Peak's market share due to excellent locations and service has propelled 2022 into being so high in volume.

GPTL is part of the family of companies owned by Granite Peak Group, which has over $500 million in holdings through a diversified portfolio of companies focused on high growth in heavy industry. GPTL is headquartered in Casper, with facilities located throughout Wyoming.

As oil production skyrocketed in the Niobrara shale formation in 2014, producers faced shipping challenges. Granite Peak Group recognized the growth potential for transloading facilities and opened GPTL facilities in Cheyenne and Casper. GPTL immediately experienced rapid volume growth.

To handle increased customer demand, GPTL added locations in Rock Springs, Bill, Wright and Gillette in Wyoming; Williston and Stanley in North Dakota; and Hudson in Colorado.

GPTL worked closely with the BNSF and its customer to land the first 100 car sand unit train in Wyoming in May 2015. Over a year later, GPTL broke another record, landing the 130-car sand unit train in Wyoming at the Cheyenne facility.

In 2021, GPTL divested its interests in North Dakota and Colorado sites, focusing on services in the Powder River Basin and Cheyenne.

Today, GPTL has become the premier transloader of frac sand in the Powder River Basin and operates from a network of rail terminals, ensuring that customers have maximum flexibility of choice.

GPTL's 72 employees currently serve its customers' needs from their Wright, Bill, Gillette, and Cheyenne terminals.

The company provides material handling, transloading, storage, warehousing and inventory management services across Wyoming. All its facilities are unit train or manifest car capable with both the Union Pacific and BNSF railroads and ready to handle any transloading needs. GPTL is also a certified premier transload for the BNSF.

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The Granite Peak Group has over $500 million in holdings and capable leaders dedicated to the success of individual companies within our portfolio. Today, our portfolio includes world-class heavy industrial companies with common management whose expertise spans oil and gas, manufacturing, rail supply chains, logistics and plastics. Learn more at


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