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Granite Peak Group expands into plastics recycling

CASPER, Wyo. - Granite Peak Group announced its expansion into plastics recycling with the December 2020 acquisition of the assets of RePoly, a plastics reprocessor based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Re-Poly, which processes bulky mixed rigids, was previously part of the QRS Recycling family of companies. The company has been renamed Granite Peak Plastics.

After witnessing the transition in the renewables sector, Granite Peak Group saw parallels in the transition to circularity with plastics, particularly post-consumer.

"We invest in innovation and see this purchase as an opportunity to put plastics to work again creatively and economically," said Josh Jamison, Granite Peak Group managing partner.

The group has invested in improving the former Re-Poly facility, fortifying the existing processing lines and taking care of some deferred maintenance. The facility will also be adding capacity to process post-commercial plastics, such as pallets and other parts.

Granite Peak Plastics plans to transform challenging streams of waste plastic into quality and cost-effective PCR regrind that powers the manufacturing of superior products. Its focus will be on applications where the positive properties of recycled plastic replace inferior materials such as wood, concrete, and metal. Learn more at

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The Granite Peak Group has over $500 million in holdings and capable leaders dedicated to the success of individual companies within our portfolio. Today, our portfolio includes world-class heavy industrial companies with common management whose expertise spans oil and gas, manufacturing, rail supply chains, logistics, and plastics. Learn more at


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